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Guardo is the fastest and easiest way to collect, organize and bookmark any link on the web


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Bookmark any link with just two clicks


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Save Twitts, Instagram posts, read later articles, GitHub repositories, Stackoverflow questions and bookmark all your most frequents pages or any reference materials with 2 clicks

Runs everywhere

Add directly from your mobile native share button

Bookmarks thumbnails

Thumbnail images for better bookmarking

Add custom notes

Notes to describe bookmarks and tags

Import and export

Own your data get bookmarks in and out

Share your bookmarks

Public page to share your bookmarks

Reading time

Get an estimate of content reading time

Full-text search

Content of every web-page is fully searchable

Open all in browser

Open all bookmarks in a collection at once

Organize with tags

Organize your bookmarks with custom tags

Nested collections

Create collections inside of a collection

Custom icons

Add custom icons to collections

Desktop app

Download a chrome desktop app


No credit card




/per month

100% OFF

Unlimited bookmarks

Unlimited collections

Nested collections

Import and export

Mobile support

Link to web archive

Open all in a new window

Share your bookmarks

Organise with tags

Bookmarks thumbnails

Add custom notes

Personalized icons

Chrome desktop app

Mobile shortcut

Permanent copies


Pocket & Twitter integration


Save tabs set


Stories highlights

Guardo is a killer app. It helps you keep your links in order and allows you to easily find what you are looking for.

Matias Tucci

Founder of Annotate

I like Guardo because it makes browsing more productive. Before my bookmarks were everywhere, now they are all in one place, nice and neat.

Nicolas del Valle

Co-Founder of Keepers

I love the UI, the full-text search feature is great, good job.

Christian Gill

Co-Founder of Listas

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